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Hong Kong... one of the world’s busiest freight forwarding hubs

About Us Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest and most efficient freight forwarding hubs. In 2015 alone, a record high of 4.38 million tons of air cargo was moved through Hong Kong International Airport.

The Airport Freight Forwarding Centre (AFFC) is a world-class international air cargo consolidation centre close to the cargo terminals at Hong Kong International Airport. It offers over 1.5 million square feet warehouse space and offices for lease, with advanced facilities and sophisticated information technology systems.

AFFC is operated by Airport Freight Forwarding Centre Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sun Hung Kai Properties Group, one of the Hong Kong’s most dominant property players. Excellent management, strategic location and strong logistics support offer our tenants the benefits of quick and cost-effective cargo movement. Safety, security, efficiency, innovation and cost-effectiveness are all priorities for AFFC.

AFFC has designed all warehouse units with careful forethought to ensure each tenant can immediately operate at the point of moving in. Plus a stone’s throw away location from the cargo terminals at Hong Kong International Airport, tenants at AFFC can in the shortest time possible to transfer consolidated cargo or pallet to and from airport.

In the hands of AFFC, our tenants’ businesses are in the hands of a world-class leader.

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